Raku Incense Tipi

Raku Incense Tipi


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An incense tipi scorched using feathers through the process of Raku. The thin base houses an incense cone allowing the smoke to drift out of the tipi's top and fill your space with a cleansing aromatic scent. This beautiful tipi is a must-have for your calming rituals.

**The Raku process is a completely unpredictable firing method by which the vessel is pulled from a hot kiln and scorched by organic materials — variations should be expected.

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FEATURES: Raw Stoneware / Raku Firing / 2 Sandalwood Incense Cones / Organic Feather Markings / Hand-Made in California

MATERIALS: High-Fire Ceramic Stoneware / Natural Feathers / Sandalwood Powder

CARE: Use a Clean Dry Towel to Wipe Clean / Not Food & Drink Safe / Incense will leave burn mark on base.

*Product includes 2 incense cones. Visit here for more care information